Introducing a new way to connect with brides and grooms

Introducing a new way to connect with brides and grooms

We would like to introduce you to Weddings Kenya, a somewhat new wedding vendors listing and marketing website. We existed, circa Dec 2014, in a different form but we took time out to revamp the website and have come back with big plans for 2015 onwards.

Our intention primarily is to be actively involved in generating leads for you and marketing your services to brides and grooms everywhere.
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How you will benefit

Did we say we are doing this for you? We are, and we mean it. It really is all for you.

We want to bring customers flooding to your doorstep and we shall not rest until we make you happy. Our only hope is that you are not too hard to please *insert smiley face*.

In summary this is what you get when you list with us:
Lead generation and customer referrals

Lead Generation and Customer Referrals

We will actively source for leads and refer them to you based on their preferences.
Market reach

Market Reach

Whether your target market is local or international, we have the reach to find brides and grooms for you.


Increasing your online visibility has never been easier. We will handle the technical aspects of ensuring that your listing gets high search ranking, and in effect bring more business to your doorstep.
Grow your business

Grow your Business

In short what we are saying is that we want to grow your business for you. Does that sound good? It does to us.

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Listing on Weddings Kenya is FREE and can be done in three simple steps... Register, Activate, Complete your Listing.
So what are you waiting for? Jump on board and start connecting with brides and grooms today.
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