About Us

The idea of planning for your wedding can be exciting and daunting at the same time. After the initial excitement that comes when Mr. Right proposes/Miss Right accepts your proposal you begin to realize how daunting of a task it is finding the right vendors for your big day.

Weddings Kenya is here to make that task less daunting for you!

With our growing list of vendors, our in-house verification mechanism and user review system, we guarantee that you will find reliable vendors who will help make your big day unforgettable.

How will Weddings Kenya benefit you?


  • Search for vendors within your locality
  • Get access to verified vendors
  • Contact vendors through the website
  • Like your favorite vendors
  • Share vendor listings on your social media accounts
  • Identify reliable vendors through our rating and reviews system


  • Increased market reach through our growing user-base
  • Higher visibility through other Weddings Kenya channels (blog and social media)
  • Gain insights on how users interact with your listing
  • Increased credibility through good user ratings and reviews
  • Gain access to discounts, promotions and much more through our pocket friendly listing plans
  • Run affordable promotions and campaigns through our flexible advertising options